Sonnet 235

Do you recall betwixt those smoldering sheets
Where passioned loins did oft ignite in fire,
Bright sultry eyes that burned in lust replete
Hot breath that reeked in purloined pure desire?
So there to hold your fervor in my arms
And feel the heat of raging ravenous thighs
Drawn in so deep into the cauldron’s barm
There spasm quenched, amidst your scorching cries;
And sweat on sweat the pyre’s zeal assuaged,
Two heaving breasts like seething bellows roar,
While craving hands implore that love spent swage
To raise and ream the steaming rent once more.
By ardor razed, no embers left to quell;
Braised thus to glow by heaven and sweet hell.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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