“Poems are a wondrous abstraction where the heart, soul and mind can sing and dance, rejoice and lament together.”

“Poetry, the water of life: the distillation of insight, emotion and enlightenment into an elegant essence that transcends the meaning of the very words from which it springs, as it effervesces off into eternity…Like a good Irish Whiskey.”

– Loubert S. Suddaby, MD

Loubert Steven Suddaby grew up on a small rustic farm near where he was born in Edson, Alberta. It was there on the farm where he learned about animal husbandry, developed a love of nature, and came to appreciate the value of hard work.

Without a television or even a telephone during these formative years, Suddaby turned to books to pass the time. He was a voracious reader, consuming books from all different literary genres. It wasn’t long before he discovered poetry, which became a great passion for him.

Suddaby excelled in academics, receiving a medical degree with distinction in 1982 before completing neurosurgical training at the University of Alberta. During his professional training and his impressive career, he has written both surgical patents and poems, but it is poetry that has remained his touchstone and passion that he holds most dear.

Dr. Suddaby

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