Sonnet 57

Let it be known my love shall die with you,
For I have given all I have to give.
When you have fled, this love shall not renew,
Unless I have another life to live;
In your dear arms I’ve placed my arrant score,
The sweetest treasures of my heart and soul;
And for your sake the burdens that I bore
Seem but small tokens charged for love I hold.
Though time may squander beauty, will and grace,
And memory shall fade to dark of night,
I pray I may forever see your face
When shuttered eyes forbid the dawning light.
Though mortal life and love will not go on,
We two shall live forever in this song.

©Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

War Requiem: Brave Hearts

Dread death deprives good men of lives,
It’s breed that’s their revenge.
Below hard stones lie hallowed bones,
That once did death avenge.
But come each day, and come what may,
The fight remains infernal.
It’s in this poem I shall come home
To praise brave hearts eternal.

The fight is long and must go on,
We live or yet we die.
We shall not yield ‘for God’s our shield,’
This is our battle cry.
The charge is made and bodies laid,
‘Midst blood and crud and steel.
It’s do or die, with swords held high,
Blood rage now wrought with zeal.

‘Til wrath is spent and steel bent
The wine of life be spilled;
And blades shall flash and teeth shall gnash
‘Til vengeful hearts be filled.
Yet where is pride when men have died,
For causes false not true.
And who shall pay when kings waylay,
Whose hearts will feel the rue.

It’s not for kings or venal things
Brave men lay down their lives.
It’s for their breed and things they heed –
Their rights, their creed, their wives.
When spirits flee to distant lee
And tender hearts be torn.
True love’s the wain that bears the pain;
And will forever more.

But men of right fear not the night
And make that sacrifice.
Their hearts they give, that others live,
In love that never dies.
But come each day and come what may
The fight remains infernal.
It’s in a song they shall march on,
To live in praise eternal.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.