Sonnet 569

St. Nicholas upon that winters night
Did climb into his reindeer driven sleigh
Around which lay bright snow all glistening white,
Above him, sprinkled stars to mark his way.
A bundled pack of dreams sat by his side
And with a whistle crisp, his team trod air
To raise him on that magic moonlit ride
That he might bring the joy of Christmas cheer.
On pagan hopes his mystic coursers flew
As children of the world slept in their beds,
While hearts and hopes in goodness larger grew
As visions sweet of peace soft rest their heads;
And with that promise born of Bethlehem,
Spread mirth and joy and so, good will to men.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

Sonnet 568

What is the measure of a woman fair,
A smile, a look, an ever fetching gaze?
Sweet saucy curls inciting golden hair,
Fine countenance to every heart amaze?
A graceful carriage flattered by the sun,
A step, a stance, a stoop, a loving swoon;
A gesture light of limbs soft slender spun,
Smooth silken skin sheer shimmered by the moon?
What essence pure can capture heaven’s light
Distill it and then blend it in a song,
That every soul by scent, by sound, by sight
Beholds an angel rising from the throng.
It is a quested quantum few may know—
Still called by every grace, you mark it so.

© Loubert S. Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.