Sonnet 565

Ice water veins and muscles deft and right,
Rapt mind full fixed upon the gliding knife;
The grip upon the handle firm but light
As tissues splay whilst spilling forth their life.
A muted buzz to stem the surging tide—
Staunch suction pursed to swill the overflow;
Numbed full, the corpus cleaved, a book spread wide,
Sheer layered lines loom ‘neath the head lamps’ glow.
Deep lies the demon in his hidden lair
Snarled tentacles insidious and grey,
Pure malice mingled in dread deaths’ despair,
Of purpose but to murder or waylay.
The duel rages, hours in minutes pass—
And now the evil fettered up in glass.

© Loubert S. Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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