Sonnet 549

Now summer’s velvet, haughty, hot replete
Of burning incense borne from August blooms,
Steam sauna skies to baste in hothouse heat,
Limp listless earth benumbed by Maenad tunes.
Cicada screams now undulate the air
As grackles stalk the misty seas of green,
Dark starlings march, black lines of bleak despair
To seek, destroy, dismantle and demean.
That regal eye now burns into the souls,
Dense hapless few still prostrate on the ground,
Staunch mien beheld by brave or abject fools
Who yet defy reprieve in shadows found.
By shade of umbrage, so bemused I squint,
Bemoan my state and raise a julep mint.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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