Sonnet 511

Spine taut on eggshells dogging the gryphon,
Beast deep in trail his span massive spoor;
Spit frozen nano when I sure spied him,
Black umbra boiled in blood curdled roar:
Curt moments later rank Hades exploded
Taut tawny tyrant from darkness aghast
Unleashed like Cerebus’ ire unloaded,
Demon determined that none there shall pass.
Split fraction later my double reported,
Spurt fired brimstone returning his bawl,
Igneous lead from steel barrel ported—
Track stopped the menace to carnage forestall.
Throat rasped, heart pounding, dead splayed at my feet,
Leviathan conquered, quest quarry complete.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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