Love Forever

Love has been like this forever
Two hearts bound in truth together
There locked step inevery measure
Why not you and me?
Arms embrace to hold in pleasure
Clasped beneath the moon in leisure
Holding there a blissful treasure
That was meant to be.
Lips to lips upon the heather
Whispers softer than a zephyr
Promises for now and ever
This I pledge to thee.
Life is trimmed by God’s sweet tressure
Here ‘midst fair or foulest weather
Hardship yet shall never sever
Love to always be.
Let us walk now by the river
Marking there an endless ledger
Other lovers and whomever
None cared much as we.
Arm in arm as joined in tether
Footfalls soft as downy feather
Prattling now in mindless blether
Words on what’s to be.
Now then of our great endeavor
You and I as one are better
For alone we stand the lesser
This I clearly see.
Jealously shall never pressure
Nor a quarrel here dissever
Or a man yet put asunder
Love of you and me.
Life may find us yet wherever
May sweet bairns be our successor
And we stay so blessed forever
This I pray to be.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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