Kaleidoscope Dreams

I kissed you in slumber my love
When you in sweet dreams did roam
With stars all a twinkling above
You made a tremulous moan
I stroked your dark hair and you smiled
The smile of a siren at sea
Your visage as soft as a child’s
I pondered on where you might be
Where do you sojourn my dearest
When moonlight swaddles your bed
There so shines your innocence clearest
As somewhere in dreamland you tread
Oh wish upon hope I could join you
In castles floating in air
A shining gold carriage for two
Would jauntily carry us there
Alone in a magical garden
In joy I would break into song
And praising in poetry ardent
Soft seranade until dawn
At sunrise when you awaken
Sure no one knows where you’ve been
A wink will make your heart quicken
As there of fond memories you glean
And so in moonlight when sleeping
May I gently hold your slight hand
To join you in reveries fleeting
And dance in kaleidoscopes grand!

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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