I Held Her Hand

I held her hand
She turned and kissed my cheek
And all felt grand
My heart did leap and knees felt weak
I held her hand
I held her hand
With tear brimmed eyes she answered yes
No happier man
Stood on this earth I must confess.
I held her hand
Her eyes did open and she smiled
Her fingers fanned
Then squeezed mine tight, sweet newborn child.
I held her hand
And walked her down the aisle so proud
Another stands
To love her always there so vowed.
I held her hand
Another babe with eyes so bright
In joy commands
Her grandsire’s gaze to glow with light.
I held her hand
And said goodbye to my pure love
And all felt grand
For soon we meet again above
I held her hand.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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