What do you do with a dreamer
That man who still thinks he can fly,
Whose heart is a vagabond schooner
And yearns but to live ‘til he dies.
Is he the one you would follow
As he treks to his place in the sun
And does his minstrel voice call you
To sing with him under the moon?
Life is a dream that awakens
In Hell or in sweet paradise
To whither our dear souls be taken
Depends on our truth and our lies.
So follow your heart as it beckons
And always to self yet be true,
Life is a journey that reckons
But still only asks you be you.
Then what about life with a dreamer
The one who can hope touch the sky,
There so let your heart be the leader
You never will know ‘til you try!

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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