First Snow in Town

Powdered snow soft wafting down
Sprinkling light the sponge cake ground
Sugar coating chocolate trees
Etching silver panes in frieze.

Children on the hills now play
Sliding down on gumdrops gay
Stopping brief in fun to fight
Lobbing dollops soft and white.

Whipped cream sky melts into dark
Popcorn flakes fill up the park
Windows now sport candles warm
Glazing gold the streets of town.

Locals whisk past on their routes
Icing lines in winter boots
Caramelized by household fires
Feasted full soon to retire.

Gingered houses candied lanes
Crumb coat dashed by winter winds
Doors and sills in garland cream
Lollipop street lanterns gleam.

Marzipan on chimneys tall
Vanilla frosting covers all
Hamlet piped in gum paste sweet
Wrapped in fondant now to sleep.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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