Sonnet 295

We met by star lust, shared a drink or two
Our worlds colliding, differing night as day,
A gravitas of matter’s murky glue,
Sheer Jovian impulse, now what then to say?
Had I but there a cigarette to light
To burn the awkward silence of the Moon:
Saturnine bleakness dingy walls did dight,
Black holian shadows eclipsing like a tomb.
Dimples of Venus, love as deep as skin—
No comet bright to burst through astral doors,
Just Piscean scents of mad telluric sin
Meteoric clothing strewn upon the floor.
I fall to Earth, burnt red in Martian flame,
Mercurial madness marred by stellar shame.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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