Sonnet 285

A shadow crept up on the wall last night
Cast by the pale moon’s soft eerie glow,
A silhouette so dark it beckoned fright
Yet if a shape and form I seemed to know.
It’s been so long, why vex me now, I said—
You did not answer but the umbra smiled,
Stygian black, as mourning recent dead,
I rubbed my eyes that they not be beguiled;
What brings you now, cloaked in these widow weeds
Maleficent, mid murderous murk of moon
‘Midst mounting horrors of All Hallows’ eve,
Haunting me from out some wicked tomb?
Ah but then, what perfect night to call,
Where undead walk and evil may enthrall.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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