Just Words

How do my words make you feel
When they run down your cheeks
Onto the page you read,
Or light up your eyes and turn
The corners of your mouth into a smile,
Tasting like hot cocoa on your tongue,
Passionate and bittersweet,
Or like a cup of jasmine that warms the heart?

How do my words make you feel,
When the nape of your neck tingles
As from bubbles in a bath
Enveloping your body and restoring your soul,
Melting the very core of your being?
Words that reverberate in your mind
Reassuring you with the sound of my voice
Telling you how beautiful you are,
And that as long as my words live,
You will never be alone.

How do my words make you feel
When they trigger sweet memories
And take you home, like the smell of slow cooked stew
On a stovetop, or cookies in the oven;
Spices in the cupboard,
The musty smells of attics crammed with ancient treasure;
Musical perfumes echoing in the drawing room,
Or scented candles burning
On a moonless night when only the stars
Are singing.

How do my words make you feel
When they wake you gently in the morning,
A distant familiar melody; a soft rain on the roof top;
Doves fluttering at the window;
Or lulling you off to sleep in a dream filled whisper
Knowing that I am next to you, that you are safe and warm,
And I remain, devoted, until death shall dim my voice;
But still these words survive
Giving you the strength to carry on without me.

How do my words make you feel
Uplifting hope like a butterfly in your heart;
My old flannel shirt warming your shoulders on a cold morning;
Words tinkling like the sound of coffee spoons
Or distant laughter in a park;
Children’s songs in play school,
Happy bells ringing with falling rice and ribbons;
Staccato words, like notes of a piano’s keys
Tapping down your spine.

How do my words make you feel
When in your heart you know they are the essence
Of my soul;
The earthly sum of all I had to give you
Wrapped up in love stained memories;
All of my promises here and beyond,
Bound up like posies given on our first date,
Held together by the pure pink bow of the first kiss;
The shy first clasp of hope filled hands,
Those soft mingling breaths sworn to be together,
How do my words make you feel?

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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