I Set You Free

Then take me here just as I am-
No more a friend, no, just a man,
For friendship bonds you still may find,
Exceeds stock mortar of mankind.
Yes human hearts with love enthrall
But hearts of friends do give their all;
The common love ephemerally,
True friends embrace eternally.
Acquaintances may come and go
But what of friendship do they know?
A friend endures in utter trust
When all hopes promise turns to dust,
Yet listens when all ears are deaf
And soothes the soul of love bereft;
Dependable ‘til eventide,
Strong, sure and stalwart by one’s side.
While for a fellow you might cry,
It’s for true friendship you would die;
Since I have not been this to you,
No comrade’s quarter should you show;
Since you have not been this to me
I ever more do set you free.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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