Selena Smiles at Me

Selena’s silver smile slips sensuously,
Ever engulfing each and everyone,
Lighting lost lands for lovers and love’s lonely;
Evoking echoes of Elysium.
Naked nocturnal nymph nighs noiselessly,
Ageless, alluring always ascending,
Silently sailing swart celestial seas,
Meting madness ‘mongst moonstruck mortal men;
Inviting inquests in immorality,
Leaving lovers languishing longingly;
Ensconced in errant erotic emperies;
Stealthily stealing simple sanity
Absconding amidst argentic alchemy;
Taunting, teasing, titillating, tempting
Men and maidens mired in moonlit mayhem,
Ever exalting, Ever exempting.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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