Love’s Minions

The heart still beats in the breast;
The sun still sets in the west;
Warm tears still fall from the eye;
What happened to you and I?

Sweet birds still sing in the trees;
Butterflies float on the breeze;
The eagle still soars on high;
What happened to you and I?

Fair children still laugh and play;
Dawning yet brings a new day;
What reason is there to cry;
What happened to you and I?

We started as you and me,
But that was not meant to be;
No need to criticize why;
That’s how we became you and I.

What will our future now bring;
To me love meant everything;
Beautiful flowers still die;
Sad songs still sung with a sigh.

Lovers are blinded by lust;
Futures are given to trust;
Fate intervenes by and by;
Minions may never know why.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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