La Femme Terrible

Effete the lovely found a horse,
There saddled up and armor donned;
Brave Trinity had headed north,
And so the south was free to roam.

She grabbed a lance and new broad sword,
And tied a mace unto her side,
Then headed out without a word,
And rode until the eventide.

The sallow moon had fairly risen;
In yawning dark the village gleamed;
Chivalry had long been stricken,
So what defenses could there be?

Her spurs dug deep into the flesh;
The gelded horse neighed out in pain;
The moonlight showed her faint moustache;
These heathens now would know her reign.

Now like a banshee she did wail
And hell on hooves descended down,
The church was torched, each house assailed,
Until she razed them to the ground.

The fathers first did feel the lance,
And mothers held their children near,
But love and prayers stood not a chance;
Her wickedness spread everywhere.

The children were wrenched from their arms;
The sword did flash and blood did flow;
Convert or die! These are my terms!
Convert to what? They did not know.

Their tiny skulls did feel the mace,
And mothers breasts from ribs were cleaved
True motherhood was fair disgraced;
The eunuch fathers prayed and grieved.

The children screamed and stood wide eyed
To see their breastless mothers weep;
To witness loss of blood and pride
And see their fathers on their knees.

Sweet innocence fell on the blade,
Forever changing history;
Effete the maiden, now the knave;
Beelzebub did dance with glee.

The town did smolder through the night.
And greasy smoke did cloak the day;
The ones that stayed were blinded quite
By the cinders that remained.

If only Eve had bitten twice
And choked on fruit or spittle green,
Sweet animals would sure suffice
And would not love or life demean.


© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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