Just a Boy

When I was just a boy,
The world was but a toy,
And I rejoiced in glee,
Pure joy and majesty.

Then as a man still young,
I waggled every tongue,
And basked in magic bowers,
With maidens of the hour.

Soon then a man full grown,
I savaged on my own,
Success was but assured;
My life in work immured.

But now that green is gold;
The future seems less bold;
I sit here with my wife
And marvel at my life.

Though magic may move on,
The world still sings sweet songs;
I treasure every year
And all that I hold dear.

But someday I may say,
I gave the time away;
Yet number here my sum –
I’ve done my distance run.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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