Sonnet 72

Yes, Dionaea laughed and danced with me,
Her gown a pastel green and ruby red;
And I, in turn, did laugh and sing with glee;
A joyous chorus piped inside my head.
Her perfumed breath did silently enthrall,
As did her nectar kisses, honey sweet;
And her bright smile was surely my downfall,
‘Midst other female wiles, which from her reeked.
So, I, entranced somewhere ‘twixt love and lust
Did abrogate firm grasp of common sense;
In female virtue I did place my trust
And sealed my fate, that wedded bliss commence.
So now, entrapped within pudendal grasp,
I struggle still, set but to breathe my last.

©Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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