I saw the answer in a star,
A message clear though from afar.
A twinkle in the dark of night;
A spark of hope, a gleam of light.

So crystal clear it said to me,
Just look with care and you will see,
The answer to that which you seek,
The prize of life laid at your feet.

You need not chase the butterfly;
Or climb yon mountain peak on high.
Or swim the ocean wide and blue,
Or ford a raging river through.

You need not build a pyramid,
Or worship gods carved out of wood.
You need not travel far and wide
To know the secrets of the tide.

The answer is quite simple then,
Why seek that out which lies within?
You are a prisoner of your mind;
The answer lies within this rhyme.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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