Come With Me

Come with me,
Where sweet day dreams on lazy days
Can take your spirit miles away
And lay you down in fields of hay
Where sweet birds sing and soft lambs play.

Where floral fragrance fills the air
And not a soul can find you there
And warm sunshine smooths back your hair;
True solitude beyond compare.

The soft refreshing summer breeze
Soon filters through the aspen trees,
Then finds a golden rod to tease
And wrestles flowers from bumble bees.

So deep and clear the turquoise sky
As cotton clouds go floating by
A lonely eagle banks on high;
Serenity that makes you sigh.

On bed of clover soft as fleece
With daises twined into a wreath
These blissful summer reveries
Can soothe the mind with inner peace.
Come with me.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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