Let us walk upon the beach
Tossing pebbles to the waves.
Build castles just in reach
For the rising surf to raze.

We will watch the setting sun
Drown itself within the sea.
Like a phoenix on the run;
Rise tomorrow from the east.

And in time the night will call.
Slowly, swiftly, silently;
Purple twilight over all
Beckoning to slumber deep.

We will sit upon the sand.
Build our fire from debris.
Burning beacons on the land;
Flickering eternally.

You will sit there by my side,
We will share a cup of tea.
Probe the heavens far and wide,
Contemplate eternity.

And in silence we will roar
Sharing secrets of the mind.
Castaways upon the shore–
Heart beats at the edge of time.

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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