And Say Good-Bye?

Do you remember one August afternoon,
Yellow and gold; the sky a turquoise bowl,
The sun with Midas fingers caressing
The room and lending it a wondrous glow?
And you and I much like children at play
While carefree smiles and laughter filled the room.
As we exchanged fond words and friendly ways
I felt immeasurably at peace with you,
And probed the depths of those dark eyes that danced
With vitality, and yet served to soothe
That inner fire that burns at the entrance
To my soul. And I thought if I should lose
Your friendship for some petty little cause
That I could not understand, or even
If grand misprison were to bring this loss,
What tragedy my heart and soul would feel.
To think that we who’ve shared so much of life
And love; had lived and loved, felt joy and fear,
And all lifes’ peace, serenity, and strife,
Could end all this amidst a flood of tears
And say good-bye; and say good-bye; good-bye?

© Loubert S Suddaby. All Rights Reserved.

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